Our books: writing that gets results

As well as being a prolific writer and speaker on copywriting and copywriters, Andy Maslen, our MD, has written five books, including the best-seller, Write to Sell.

They’re bought in their thousands by entrepreneurs, marketeers and, gratifyingly, other copywriters.

PCCovershotPersuasive Copywriting: Using Psychology to Influence, Engage and Sell

Persuasive Copywriting takes you deep inside customers’ brains. You’ll learn the relationship between selling and storytelling. And the market-tested techniques that get people to engage with, and be persuaded by, your copy.

I had high expectations. I wasn’t disappointed!

“I’ve been a fan of Andy Maslen’s copywriting articles for many years. So when I read his new book Persuasive Copywriting, I had high expectations. I wasn’t disappointed! The book is packed with practical ideas for writing authentic, response-getting copy. I particularly liked the science-based approach that underlies Andy’s persuasive writing strategies… strategies which I’m already incorporating into my own writing.”

Steve Slaunwhite, author ‘The Wealthy Freelancer’

The big question answered: How can you modify people’s behaviour by tapping into their deepest psychological drives?


Write To SellWrite to Sell: the Ultimate Guide to Great Copywriting

This is Andy’s take on all the classic rules of copywriting but from a thoroughly practical viewpoint. Broader then pure mail order or direct mail copywriting guides, it shows you how to write powerful, persuasive copy from scratch.

It works, we’ve the stats to prove it

“I head up a marketing department in a mid sized (5mil turn over) company: ads, email, SM, print. we do it all. We A/B test all campaigns and applying the rules of this book compared to our more traditional work we’ve seen a consistent increase in open rates, clicks and responses. Now that’s a good ROI.”

JonG, Amazon Reviewer

The big question answered: What does great copywriting look like and sound like; and how can you write it?


The Copywriting SourcebookThe Copywriting Sourcebook: How to Write Better Copy, Faster – For Everything from Ads to Websites

Do you have to write a brochure, a sales letter, an email or a landing page? By lunchtime? This book gives you the shortcuts you need to make your deadline. It covers 12 of the most common copywriting tasks in a consistent format, from what you must include to structure and using images. It’s illustrated with examples from successful campaigns to show you how good copywriting looks in the flesh.

How to be a great copywriter – read this book!

“I bought this after having read Write To Sell (a fantastic book) this book did not disappoint. It is filled with EXACTLY the type of knowledge and tips you need to be a great and successful copywriter. Even experienced marketers will learn something from reading this book.”

M. A. Parker, Amazon Reviewer


The big question answered: How can I write this before lunchtime when I’ve never done it before?


100 Great Copywriting Ideas100 Great Copywriting Ideas: from Leading Companies Around the World

You know those books you can dip into without feeling you have to read the whole thing? This is one of those: on copywriting. It does what it says on the tin: 100 ideas for improving or inspiring your copy, from headline techniques to the ultimate profitable typeface.

If your art is your words…soak in these ideas

“100 Great Copywriting Ideas delivered exactly what I wanted. Its value lies in the lessons you gain without having to learn them the hard way. I have much experience but this book made me realise you need to look above the parapet sometimes; see things differently. Anyone who has to persuade others with the written word should read this immediately.”

Gary Spokes, Amazon Reviewer

The big question answered: Where can I find inspiration for my next piece of copywriting?


Write copy, make moneyWrite Copy, Make Money: How to Build Your Own Successful Freelance Copywriting Business

In this book Andy Maslen draws on his own experience to share the secrets of running your own successful copywriting business. Everything from choosing what to call yourself to pricing your services – the freelancer’s number one headache. It’s packed with stories, practical tips, expert advice, exercises, a survey of freelance pay scales and example marketing letters, emails and telephone scripts – and featuring interviews with 16 freelance copywriters.

Simply brilliant

“I bought this book two months shy of becoming a freelance copywriter. And boy am I pleased I did. It doesn’t teach you how to write copy or come up with copywriting ideas – it shows you how to set up and run your own freelance copywriting business. Jam packed with examples, case studies, exercises and wit, this book is ideal. What’s more, it’s beautifully laid out.”

B. Tyson, Amazon Reviewer

The big question answered: How am I going to make money as a freelance copywriter?