How we shared our knowledge of tone of voice with the RSPB

About the client

The RSPB is one of the largest “blue-chip” charities in the UK, with over a million supporters. From its roots in Edwardian outrage at the use of bird plumage to decorate hats to its current role at the forefront of global conservation, the RSPB needs to be able to communicate well in writing, whether to members, supporters, charitable trusts, farmers or policymakers.

What did they want?

The RSPB approached Sunfish to help them raise the standard of written communications, across every function, from Marketing to Conservation, Membership to Public Relations. They were particularly interested in developing their tone of voice to be more focused on the supporter and less on their programme activities. We suggested a programme of three one-day workshops, which evolved into ongoing support, further workshops, and a group booking onto our online course, Breakthrough Copywriting, run through our sister brand, The Andy Maslen Copywriting Academy.


How we went about it

Run by our MD, Andy Maslen, the tone of voice workshops were intensely practical, focused on specific challenges such as communicating with farmers, writing funding applications or writing for the media. Over the years, we have built a deep relationship with the RSPB and many of their staff are subscribers to our newsletter on better writing.

The results

With training, the results are clear in the evolving abilities of the people attending the courses. The following quote sums up the outcomes:

“Thought you would like to see this mailpack. The copy was written by Adam Marek. I hope you’ll agree the covering letter in particular is a great example of putting your tone of voice teaching into practice. Adam was already a great writer, but he now is a great copywriter!”
Paul LewisHead of Communications, RSPB

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