Downloads for Persuasive Copywriting

Here are all the downloads for Andy Maslen’s book, Persuasive Copywriting.

Objection Overcome

Here’s where you figure out why your prospect might not buy from you. Then do something about it.
Objection-overcome.docx (1451 downloads)


The Story Mountain

This simple graphic tool helps you plot the main elements of any story.
Story-mountain.docx (1525 downloads)


Features, Benefits, Promises

You can get more out of your benefits by rewriting them as promises. This worksheet makes it easy.
Features-Benefits-Promises.docx (1385 downloads)


Know Your Customer

A simple way to figure out what makes your customer tick, and what you absolutely must say to them.
Know-Your-Customer.docx (1208 downloads)


Interview Guide

Imagine you’re interviewing a customer about your product. Use this guide to ask the right questions.
Interview-guide.docx (1016 downloads)


Ethos, Pathos, Logos

Aristotle used these three aspects of persuasion to frame his arguments. You could do a lot worse than try the same technique.
Ethos-Pathos-Logos.docx (1050 downloads)



What do you want your reader to know, feel and commit? Use this handy worksheet to note down your answers.
KFC.docx (1020 downloads)


Wall Street Journal Two-Page Letter

The original “$2 billion sales letter”. Try copying it out by hand.

Wall-Street-Journal-Letter-2pp.pdf (1064 downloads)


Wall Street Journal Four-Page Letter

The control-beating successor to Martin Conroy’s letter, written by US copywriter Mal Decker.

Wall-Street-Journa-Letterl-4pp.pdf (958 downloads)



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