Do you want some help solving a problem?

What Jennifer meant was that we didn’t just go in, take a brief and then write copy. We’d been offering advice on how she might structure her campaign based on our commercial, client-side experience. And helping some of her marketing team improve their own copywriting.

Are you facing a difficult communications challenge? One that needs a fresh pair of eyes? Or someone willing to challenge “the way we do things around here”?

Copywriting advice grounded in the real world

When you hire us to help with a communications problem, we always start with the same question: what are you trying to achieve?

It means that any advice we give you is based on commercial insight, not vague statements about “good writing”.

Wherever possible we like to give you practical recommendations that you can start using the next day.

How we work with you

First we talk to you about your communications challenge. We listen very carefully and ask you lots of questions.

Then we send you a formal written proposal – in Plain English, naturally. We quote by the project and stick to it (barring changes to the brief).

Call now on 0844 502 2061 or email us for a no-obligation chat about whatever’s on your mind.

“Thanks for coming in and spending some time with us. It was excellent and I think you know already we got a lot out of it.”
Jamie VeitchManaging Director, New Start Publishing